The Leader in DNS security

  • CDNS provides greater levels of security over BIND and NSD.
  • With operating systems, data and network all encrypted.
  • We provide unequalled levels of security to your disaster mitigation plans.
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Established leader in operational capacity

  • CDNS currently supports over 68% of the Internet.
  • Amazing speed and platform efficiency, with extraordinary capacity.
  • Each of our over 40 nodes comfortably handles over 863,000 queries per second.
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Resilience of your DNS matters!

  • We have over 40 Anycast nodes distributed globally.
  • CDNS can handle traffic volumes beyond where other DNS platforms have failed.
  • Oustanding service delivery, with 100% uptime since 1996.
  • Be Happy: Your DNS always resolves with CDNS!
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DNSSEC — We can help you

  • We exceed BIND and NSD in handling signed zones of any size - even as large as .COM or much larger.
  • CDNS offers Full DNSSEC (NSEC, NSEC3, NSEC3 w/OptOut) compliance.
  • We provide a simplified and complete zone signing tool for domain names and TLDs/ccTLDs.
  • CDNS are currently supporting thousands of signed zones (and growing).
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Established IPv6 support

  • Pioneers in IPv6 and DNS.
  • Native support for IPv6 and IPv4, globally.
  • IPv6 compliance included since our platform’s original design.
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Experienced in IDN support

  • Full IDN technology support since 2003.
  • Supporting IDNs in production at second level for over 2 years.
  • We currently support IDN Top Level Domains.
  • CDNS: Powering and enabling a global Internet.
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  • Test Drive Us

    CDNS invites all TLD registries and ISPs to test our incredible DNS resolution platform, with no obligations. Just contact us and we'll do the rest.

  • Live Statistics

    Why not take a look at our live activity statistics? Click on the button to see more. We remotely monitor ALL of your servers at no extra charge!

  • Network Map

    We have one of the largest and most secure Anycast DNS constellations in service on the Internet.

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